Plan :

  1. Train a Word2Vec model on stock market related Reddit posts.
  2. Create a vector that can be used to represent a target vector (more below).
  3. Use representative vector to identify target words from Reddit posts.

Chrome Extension / Web-Scraper


Step 1: Scrape Trending Data

Python and C Implementation.


Circular Queue



The Challenge

  • Include assumptions and detailed notes.
  • The script must not have any dependencies outside base language.
  • The script should be robust against accidental misuse.
  • Each record should be placed within an article tag.

Working with Corpora, Document-Term Matrices, Sentiment Analysis, etc…


Packages used

Quick Look at the Data Source


Part-1- Scraping the Data from Indeed

  1. Data Science in New York
  2. Data Analysis in New York
  3. Data…


  1. Do the high-paid players win more games? : Z-Test
  2. Is the hometown advantage real? : Chi-squared
  3. Do players who strike out more also hit more home runs? : T-Test
  4. Does years of experience affect a players rbi? ANOVA
  5. Do more people attend night games or day…

What is Tidyverse?

Brian Ward

M.Sc Computer Science at Northeastern University | Data Analysis: R, MySQL, Tableau |

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